What is IoT ( Internet of Things ) ?

What is IoT ( Internet of Things ) ?

internet of things
Internet of things


We keep hearing about this new thing called IoT and Big Data. Let’s discuss the primer for today. I will try to give my understanding of IoT ( Internet of Things). There is nothing new about Internet. We all know what is internet and how we can use this for our daily life. The simplistic definition would be, we can’t imagine the life with out internet. It is part of our life. I love this image, which says “Internet is our basic need”.

Internet - Basic Human Need
Internet – Basic Human Need

Courtesy: Google ( I really don’t know who created this image)

Now, let’s get to our main point of today – IoT

Now, we are talking about Machines coming into Internet. So, each and every Machine/ Device / Thing will be connected to Internet. Let me try to give some real example I felt in my life. When I switched my internet vendor /Provider 2 years back the guy told me our Wi-Fi router can support 10 devices. I really felt 10 is too many that time as I was having only 1 smart phone at that time and 2 laptops. If I look back the same thing now, 2 smart phones (me and Wife), 1 tablet, 2 laptops, 1 kindle and the list may go up very soon… like Smart TV, smart Fridge, smart Air Conditioner, so on….  what all these devices doing on Internet and Why?

Personal scenarios:

Lets take some examples why you need your Fridge / Air Conditioner / TV on internet.

You have started from your office at 5 in the evening of a summer day. you need to travel 30 mins to reach home, you want your house cozy before you reach there. If your A/C is in internet, you would be able to switch it on when you start through your smart phone.

Your colleagues asked you for a party which is planned suddenly in office today. You want to have ice cubes ready before you get your friends home. If your Fridge is in internet, you would be able to set temperature before you start from office, and your ice cubes will be ready for the party.

Business Scenarios:

Lets think you manufacture a UPS/ Cooling unit/ Fridge / TV etc, if you don’t have this smart feature in your product there could be potential problems as below. Firstly customers might not be interested to buy your product as competitors already provide this feature for little more price. Whoever could effort little more money would buy that. Secondly, you won’t be able to analyse your product correctly. If you have this feature in your product you would be able to receive statistics of your product every second or minute. This will enable you to understand the usage of your product more and the problems in your product as well. So, You would be able to serve your customers what they are looking for.

So, As you know this is not a new thing at all. We already use this for many things in our real life. IoT is the new term tossed by industry to popularize this M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity.

Reference: Here are some really good articles about IoT you would like to read.

IoT Blog – Schneider Electric

Cisco IoT Blog

Hope this was helpful.

Happy reading 🙂


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