Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

In the current world of complex Enterprise software systems, we might not be able to design, build and document the Architecture properly. The Enterprise Architecture Frameworks help us do all these steps efficiently. They provide tools, approaches and processes defined for us to follow and reach our goals efficiently and on time. Brief History of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Frameworks In 1987 John Zachman published a paper on “A Framework for Information systems Architecture” which brought this topic into light and after that many people suggested many different frameworks and altered the Zachman’s proposal. All these frameworks at high level talk about the components which should be streamline the Architecture development and the documentation process. Important Components of Enterprise Architecture frameworks are as below

  • Provide Architecture vision
  • Design Business Architecture
  • Design Technology Architecture
  • Implementation of Governance
  • Architecture Change Management

Lets try to understand these frameworks in a bit detail.

Zachman Framework: 

The oldest among all these framework is Zachman as he is the one who came up with the idea of Architectural Process to reduce the complexity of existing systems and their integration, as well as the lack of documentation on the Architecture.  The highlights of this framework are

  • Analogy behind this Framework comes from Building Industry (Civil)
  • Players – Owner (Who pays for the project), Builder ( Who co-ordinates the things) and Control board (Who ensures the construction follows the local regulations)
  • Focus of the Artifacts: What, How, Where, Who, When and Why, and Players to Artifact mapping. Eg: Owner and Builder should know “What” but only Builder would know “How”. Only Owner might know “Why”.

The matrix of Zachman Framework is as below.


TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) :

This Framework divides Enterprise Architecture into four different parts based on the expertise on their fields.

  • Business Architect
  • Application Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Data Architect

Though this is told as Architecture framework it works mostly as a development method for Architecture. This is a process of creating artifacts for your architecture. This process drives to create proper documents at each phase. Below are the phases involved in the TOGAF process.


So, the above way the life cycle of an Architecture will Iterate. There are some certifications also available for both Frameworks, Check them out if you are looking for one -> TOGAF and Zachman.

Hope this was helpful. Happy Reading.


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