Framework Vs Platform

Framework Vs Platform

In day to day life we use many jargons, particularly in technology industry. In the recent past I have observed that there are some words which are used interchangeably. I heard some people using Framework and Platform interchangeably very often. 

Here are my thoughts on the differences. 


Framework provides pre-written code which are very common for most of the projects. They provide a
way to extend their code and write your own using their Framework. Eg: Spring, Hibernate are Java based Frameworks. So, It it also tells us that they might have constraints like Java / JDK is required to execute any Spring Framework code. They might or might not work on all Operating systems. Still, it is a framework which provides common functionality implementation for any Java web project. 

Final understanding we might get here, Framework is a template / Base / Generic code given to extend and write your own code for your own purpose. 


  • One level of Abstraction 
  • Easy to Use (For Developers)
  • Less Complex to Understand 


Platform is  a little bigger thing than Framework, Java is a platform as Java provides a JVM(Java Virtual Machine), SDK(Software development Kit), Libraries / APIs (Application Program Interface). Using Java you can write Desktop applications/ Web Applications etc. Java has a stack of Frameworks supporting many applications. Java is the base for many different frameworks. and JVM is the base for many different languages other than Java ( eg: Groovy, JRuby, Jython etc).


  • Multiple Levels of Abstractions 
  • Difficult to Use (For Developers)
  • More Complex to Understand

Hope this was helpful, Any new thoughts ?

Happy Reading 🙂


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