My Notes of GIDS 2014 Web n Mobile Day

My Notes of GIDS 2014 Web n Mobile Day

I attended the Great Indian Developer Summit 2014 for couple of days ( Java, Web/Mobile Days). The below is my notes of Web/Mobile day(23rd April). I could get lot of information from this summit.

Web/ Mobile Day:

The day started with a wonderful Keynote of Scott Davis, who told us how a young developer should be, The key message he gave is “If you can’t type it…, … You can’t script it away“. If my understanding is correct, all he wanted to tell the developers is try to have in-depth knowledge on each everything you program. He told this in many funny ways, Keyboard is always faster than mouse, How he is going to teach the Minecraft programming to kids of age 10. My favorite one among these is – “Success breads success…. and Confidence” and “Be a Kinesthetic Learner” 🙂

Thanks a lot Scott for the super message.

There were few more keynotes (Sponsor) and only one impressive note was from Ravi Pal – Sapient, He talked about – “Future of Experience – a view for a technologist” was interesting to know about some facts and innovations around retail industry.

Then comes to Guru of technologies Venkat Subramaniam, and told how to modularize your Java script code. We always know what not to do but we tend to these mistakes when we have to code. He pointed the things rightly about these common Bad Practices of JS. How to Create Classes and Export these classes to other files and many more. I really appreciate him for iterating these facts.

Then the exciting session happened was on “Getting started with Building your first IoT solution” by Raghavendra Ural. This Intel session was impressive for me because this is the first time I saw the code of IoT and the movement I came to know that this is a pretty simple code to do, I was very happy. This Intel Galileo board is $60 USD and very small in size than Raspberry pi. This has a Pentium processor, and we can run a Node Js server in this.

Feeling Awesome right !!!! 🙂

Finally I attended the thirsty head Scott’s “YeoMan – Modern Workflows for Modern WebApps“. This is really useful stuff if you really interested to know where the world is going. I didn’t hear the name YeoMan before today but learnt that this is a very useful tool if you are from Node JS world. The scaffolding is pretty easy with YeoMan. He introduced us with some other two new tools called Grunt (A build tool for JS) and Bower (Client side dependency management).

Of-course I enjoyed participating many different contests and produced lot of Dopamine 😉

Conclusion: My aim of attending GIDS Web & mobile 2014 was, to know something new which I am not aware of. And to get a feel of new technologies via “Demo” applications the speakers give, it was really amazing to know many different Tools, Frameworks, APIs, principles and concepts via GIDS. I must say I enjoyed this Summit thoroughly.


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