Gamified Software Development

Gamified Software Development

In the recent past I have been learning about “Gamification“. I started thinking if I can think of a development process instead of the regular way how it would be? I mean the Gamified one.

The basic idea of Gamification is focus on the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of developers. How to find out the intrinsic motivations of developers ? This is the key challenge

Firstly developer should be interested to code ? How to motivate them ? The code quality should go up ?

The usual way the companies deal with is if the developer codes and there is a Bug figured out by Tester/ QA developer will loss his/her motivation, because somebody else is pointing out the mistake he/she has done.

I have seen many times there is a clash between Developer and Tester. The primary reason for this could be “Ego” (accept it or not), this is the reality.

So, to fix this issue and Gamify the process we might say If each developer find a bug in his own code it would be suicidal.

Sharing could be a good motivation – Share what you have done today ? Example – “Fixed 2 P1 bugs today” could be an achievement and developer might get 10 likes for this from distributed teams.

So, developer might like to share and get more likes he/she might try to do more work than expected. If the issue re-opens then QA should comment on I re opened this bug as comment and he/she might get more likes than developer, which motivates developers to test properly before they say it is fixed. This could be an insult to developer and may de-motivate also sometimes.

Getting access / control could be another good motivation:

  • Create a group/forum related to technology or tool you use.
  • Ask all developers to participate and share the knowledge they have.
  • If they get to solve more than 3/5/10 questions asked in the forum would have a special badge (Gold Level, Platinum Level) , Based on Level, the developer get access to more privileged content or may become moderator of that group.
  • This could be pride for a developer and he might learn lot of things to answer the questions of other developers too.

Any other ideas to improve quality of software we produce and Gamify the process would be great 🙂


Gamifying development process by Infosys team


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